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 Q & A 

Q: When is the best timing of a newborn photo-shooting?
A: 5 to 10 days after the baby is born, newborn baby gets used to sleep in the womb. The baby has a high body flexibility and a low sensibility in sounds, lights and other sources of distraction. So, the photo-shooting can be taken during their sleep. 

Q:When should we make a reservation for the shooting?
A:You can reserve a spot after 3 months of pregnancy. Due to the limited spots for shooting, we suggest the shooting take place on 2-3 days after discharged from hospital. 

Q:What if my baby is earlier/ later than the expected date of delivery? Would we miss the shooting?
A:No. The expected date of delivery is just a reference, most of the babies are not born according to the date. We will reserve time for any changes, to ensure every shooting is taken at the best possible time.

Q:How long is the shooting?
A:It usually lasts 3 hours, it depends on the state of the baby during the shooting.

Q:Where is the shooting take place?
A:At studio or at client's home, depend on what you choose.

Q:What is the preparation that Mouton Photography would made?
A:We will send you a reminder after the date of confirmation of the shooting and a day before the shooting. 

Q:When will we get the photos?
A:2 to 4 weeks after the shooting is finished, we will filter the photos and put it on the Drive for you to select photos for professional editing. About one month after the photo selection, we will store the photos in a DVD and you can pick it up from a SF Express store or locker that you choose.

Q:How to reserve a spot?
A:Please click ‘Contact Us’ to contact us. The confirmation of the shooting is only made after we receive your deposit of reservation, otherwise it is not confirmed.

Q:How about the copyright and the right of use for the photos?
A:All rights of the photos are reserved to Mouton Photography. Once you use our services, it means you agree on the exhibition of the photos including websites, magazines, books, posters, exhibitions, competitions and any legal use. If you have any objections, please consult us before making a deposit.

 Other supplemental questions: 

Q:What are the means of a newborn photo-shooting?
A:Newborn is one of the most significant stage in their lifetime, is a extension period after leaving mom’s womb.  The baby still remains all their habits as a fetus, including sleeping, curling up, finding support for comfort. This state only remains around 10 days. After 15 days the baby is born, he/she start to stretch, grow fast and being alerted.  There is only two weeks that we could see our child as a fetus.
Newborn photography is about the mixture of realism and arts to capture this precious moment as the beginning of a lifetime, and to create the warm memories for the generations. 

Q:Isn’t it too dangerous to pose the baby?
A:There are definitely some toss and turn during the shooting, but the baby is definitely able to bear it. If you understand how a fetus grow in their mom’s womb, you will comprehend. The baby has already bore a lot of challenges in the womb like mom’s blood flow, heartbeat, swallowing, chewing, snoring, the movements from the stomach and any external noises. The baby is strong enough and our posing would be soft and decent.

Q:What if the baby do not sleep or being uncooperative?
A:We will wait and comfort the baby. When they are not grumpy, some photos are taken even they are awake. So, the possibility of the baby being uncooperative are able to decrease if you reserve our services earlier.

Q:Do the newborn need to be naked? Will the baby gets cold without clothes?
A:Newborn photography is the memory of a baby was just born. We want to keep it natural. As long as the room temperature keeps from 26 to 29 degrees, it should be fine. If the weather is cold and there is no heater at your place, we will bring enough tools for keeping warm to your place.

Q:Can we make a designated pose?
A:Yes, but we need to see if the baby wants to do it. Every newborn has their sets of habits, we will try to lead them pose but will not force them. We classify the baby’s feeling as our high priority.

Q:Would the baby get hurt for the postures that the body needs to be distorted?
A:A newborn came from a womb, an incredibly small place. They have a high flexibility for their bodies, and they will cry or resist if they are not comfortable.

Q:Some poses need the baby to be wrapped tightly, will the baby become uncomfortable?
A:A newborn needs comfort and a sense of safety. The baby wrapping is able to give the feeling that is similar as the baby is surrounded and supported in the womb. We only use soft and elastic baby wraps for our shooting.

Q:Is the props provided? How to ensure safety and hygiene?
A:Yes, we carefully select or handmade the props. We consider the safety and comfortableness of the props as we all known how sensitive a newborn’s skin is. It is not only about the baby’s health, but also our guarantee of our brand image.

Q:What if the baby poops on the props if the baby is naked?
A:It is usual that the baby poops. We expect this kind of situations, just clean and change the props are fine. But the shooting process may be affected if the situations keep occurring.

Q:Can we observe in the meantime of the shooting?
A:Yes, we welcome parents to look on during the shooting, but not relatives in groups, especially some conservative seniors. We are afraid that the baby may get cold or hurt if there is someone nervous to interrupt, even an experienced photographer may be affected.

Q:Can parents and siblings have a portrait together?
A:Yes, we have a family portrait time. We welcome parents and siblings to join.

Q:Any suggestions for the family portrait?
A:As simple as possible, since the baby is the main of the shooting. We suggest family members to wear black, white or grey clothes without obvious patterns or logos to prevent any possible inharmony.

Q:Will eczema, jaundice, peeling skin, lanugo and Mongolian spots affect the shooting?
A:No, only the photos editing process may become a bit complicated.

Q:How would you ensure the newborn’s safety during the shooting?
A:We are professional, and the most important thing is the baby's safety. It is our promise to the parents and a guarantee of our brand image.

Q:Some said flashlight may affect the visual development of the baby, are you using the natural light on the shooting?
A:We use natural light as possible. We use flashlight only if there is a dim and dark sky weather. Flashlight is only pointed on the ceiling, and we use wall to reflect the light. Newborn photography is prevalent in the foreign countries for 10 years, 80% of the shootings are finished in professional studios with photographic lamps and no professionals question about this method.

Q:Will you do airbrushing for the photos?
A: Yes, but no special effects and buffing. Without affecting the beauty of the photo, we would keep the characteristics of a newborn like eczema, jaundice, peeling skin, lanugo and Mongolian spots. Customers who prefer to revise their photos heavily, please reconsider carefully whether to use our services.

Q:What if the DVD is broken?
A:Please backup the DVD as long as you receive it. If not, you can ask us for another copy by no later than a year after the shooting.

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