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 About Us 

Mouton Photography

  • Aims for a natural style,  we catch up with the latest trends internationally

  • We use natural light at our studio with full height glass windows

  • We brought, and even handmade our props in order to provide the props with excellent quality. All props are sanitized before shooting. 

  • Elegant and comfortable studio

  • Expertise in baby photography, especially newborn baby photography


Mouton means 'sheep' in french, the founder Coral is an Christian. From the Bible, sheep symbolizes pure and flawless, which resembles to the warm temperature to hold a baby in the palm of hand.

In the winter of 2013, Coral witnessed the newborn photography from a worldwide well-known photographer. The style was completely different and more stylish than the style that was prevalent in Hong Kong. Therefore, she is determined to bring this extraordinary photography skill into Hong Kong.

Coral is the first Hong Kong-based apprentice of Jade Gao, who is rated as No.1 newborn photographer throughout the world.

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